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Since we are gradually running out of natural resources such as clean water, cotton and silk, a lot of designers have been working with scientists to innovate some form of technology that could either self-replicate the resource, or a creation that could essentially replace the resource itself.

In 2010, Dr Kaplan and his team managed to develop a spider silk protein with the bacteria e.coli by decoding and reprogramming the bacteria. The scientists are hoping to produce genetically modified plants that produces spider-based silk, which could be harvest like cotton. This would eventually replace silk, the team is working towards engineering artificial spider glands that work like real spider glands.

Since the bacteria and the plants will be programmed, the product could be a lot more controllable and particular, they could essentially customise different function for different brands.

Dr Kaplan and his team attempted to reprogram e.coli without using harsh chemicals and without generating any toxic, however it was not successful until in 2010 when they did eventually started using what is seen as the unethical. There has been some voices who are against the development, considering the current ecological crisis, however this is when we have to choose between whether to be unethical or to loss a natural resource. This has left me wondering, will all natural resources be replaced by programmable coded products? Including our necessity such as clean water, and oxygen even. Will our world gradually become a huge factory/ playground for scientists? And if that happens, will we, (i.e. the scientists) be in total control?

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