Speculation proposal in future scenario 17/11/2017

The amount of waste we produce everyday is unbelievable, since textile and clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world, I decided to attempt to solve one of the most severe problems existing at the moment. In the US, more than 15 millions tons of textile waste is generated every year, and the amount has doubled over the last two decades. We are running out of spaces for more landfills. Building more landfill is not the ultimate solution at all. Inspired by the animation Wall E, we could compress chucks of trash from the landfill, and use that as a base in architecture.

Wall E (2008) Directed by Andrew Stanton [Movie] United States: Walt Studios Motion Pictures
If we compress the chuck tight enough, it should become brick-like, which would be really convenient to work with. Even though the smell and appearance would be unpopular, we could learn from the water filtration plant system in Toronto, where the dirty storm water undergo UV treatment before they come in contact with any human interactions. We could try the same method of treating them with UV, which I believe could take away the smell and bacteria before they get compressed, to make sure they are completely harmless to work with. If we are only using them as a base in architectural structures, they would not be visible, therefore the appearance would not matter.

A lot of things that end up in landfills are recyclable, if not some are decomposable. The things that we need to desperately deal with are the ones that cannot be recyclable nor are they decomposable, which is what we would be using in the process. In order to make sure none of the recyclable and decomposable items are in the collection, they need to be separated either by machine or by humans. If machines are used, a huge amount of energy would be needed, but the selection would be more accurate and quick; if it is done by humans, a lot of resources would be needed too, however humans make mistakes and are sloppy sometimes.

To enhance the proposal further, we could also learn from the Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, to encourage the creation of habitats. We could add a layer of soil on top of the compressed brick and plant on that, creating a green building. By doing so, the plants would be taking in the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and releasing more oxygen, it is a proposal that kills two birds with one stone.

We would have to consider how we could water the plants since the soil and plants are directly placed on top of the bricks, somehow water channels would have to be inserted in between the layers to release water from time to time.

We also have to think about the colour, even though green is the colour of nature and the presence of plants relaxes people’s nerves, green is not the colour for everyone. Also, if we have doing it to the whole of the outer of a building, the building would pretty much look like a plant house, which is not necessarily a bad feature, it is just not everyone’d cup of tea. I do not think we should try and alter the colour of the plants at all, because they would be ruining the natural quality of them.



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